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Encyclopedia Durim

Being a collection of knowledge pertaining to the vast world of Durim and its many realms!

The Lands

A collection of maps and descriptions of The Realms and Regions of Durim.

Dramatis Personae

Notes, anecdotes and other information on the various important People, Creatures and other Entities of Note that dwell among the realms of Durim.


A zoological compilation of the various Creatures of Durim which inhabit the dark and dangerous places of the realms.

Treasures & Artifacts

Here you will find information on various Legendary Items both famous and infamous for their power and value.

Gods of Durim

A collection of the known Religions of Durim as well as information on the various gods and dieties worshipped throughout the lands..

Main Page

Exiles of Kelloondar Myrkwell